How to download the Bitcoin Core purse and how to use it

In this article, we present you an overview Bitcoin Core purse, which will be useful to anyone who is interested in using this service to store crypto currency and conduct further transactions with it.Bitcoin Core crypto-currency wallet is an official network program, and its developer is the company Bitcoin Foundation. This company functions in the format of a non-profit institution whose main tasks are to unite the core developers and control the team's interaction with government departments and corporations.

Download Bitcoin Purse


If you have never had a purse, and choose among the numerous options is difficult, then multi-currency purse Bitcoin Core will do the best. Its popularity is due precisely due to the status of the official client. The main feature of this electronic bitcoin of the wallet is that it is a collective development project and has an open source code that is distributed under the MIT license. Using online wallet Bitcoin Core, there is a full load of the block (at the moment of writing the review more than 120 Gb), after which the synchronization will be maintained at all times. Thus, the user is guaranteed anonymity and reliability when conducting transactions through Bitcoin Core.

What is good about Bitcoin Core?

Before installing the wallet Bitcoin Core, consider its strengths and weaknesses.

Benefits of Bitcoin Core

It is possible to allocate such key Benefits of Bitcoin Core:

  • Bitcoin Core is official bitcoin-wallet;
  • is he provides maximum security;
  • The wallet is very quickly configurable (this is an added benefit for new users);
  • Bitcoin Core is full load of the block on your PC;
  • Storage of private keys in Bitcoin Core local;
  • Bitcoin Core wallet adapted for the main operating systems: Linux, Windows, Mac OS.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Core

Among the shortcomings Bitcoin Core it is worth noting the following:

  • requires a very long synchronization of the wallet;
  • Bitcoin Core has special requirements for PC hardware;
  • Completely loaded Bitcoin Core client weighs about 92 gigabytes, so you'll need a lot of free space on your hard drive.

Of course, you can try other online wallets that do not have these drawbacks, and you can find the best option for the program. In any case, you need to try and search, compare and test, drawing conclusions, how much Bitcoin Core Client convenient and functional for you personally. With Bitcoin Core source code you can get acquainted on GitHub

The process of installing the Bitcoin Core purse

Consider how the installation of the Bitcoin Core purse takes place.

Bitcoin Core Wallet for Windows

If you need to know how to Install Bitcoin Core Wallet on a Windows PC, then you download the installation file, run it and follow the commands that will appear in the program window. The installation is understandable even for the beginner and you will cope with it without problems. For more information on installing and configuring Bitcoin purse on your computer

Link for downloading on Windows 64 bit

Bitcoin Core for Linux

Create a Bitcoin Core Wallet on a Russian Linux Distribution easy: To do this, you unpack the archive and run the program in a new folder. For the version 64 bit Linux (tgz) For the version x32 bit Linux (tgz)

  • Using the official PPA site, you add a repository

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa: bitcoin / bitcoin
$ sudo apt update;

  • then install the package $ sudo apt install bitcoin-qt;
  • after the installation is complete, the program will be in the main menu, where do you start it from and can immediately register the wallet Bitcoin Core.

Access to private keys

Find a folder with private keys in various operating systems you can at the following addresses:

  • Linux: $ HOME / .bitcoin /;
  • Windows:% appdata% bitcoin;
  • Mac OS: $ HOME / Library / Application Support / Bitcoin.

The first launch of the Bitcoin Core purse

Launching for the first time a wallet Bitcoin Core, you will see such a window (see Figure 2 Welcome window (start window) of the Bitcoin Core wallet):

Figure 2. Welcome window (start window) of the Bitcoin Core wallet

This implies that you need to download the full database of the blockade, which will be synchronized with the network. You choose a place to store it, then click on the button "OK" and wait for the initialization process to complete. If you have a PC enabled antivirus, it is recommended to disable it immediately before downloading the client, so that conflicts do not arise between the programs.Registering the Bitcoin Core Wallet will be available only after the synchronization is completed, and this will take time. Wait a bit, and your efforts will not pass in vain. That's what we discussed in detail on how to install the Bitcoin Core purse, and now go directly to its functionality and management.

Interface of the Bitcoin Core wallet

We are now consider the local wallet Bitcoin Core, which is installed by the PC (See Figure 3. Interface of the Bitcoin Core wallet).

Figure 3. Bitcoin Core wallet interface

Let's start with the interface, which immediately catches your eye. As soon as the synchronization with the network is completed, you will immediately see a window with the sections:

  1. Menu - with it you can set up your wallet and perform key operations.
  2. Tab bar - for easy switching between sections with a review of the wallet, sending and receiving funds.
  3. Workspace - here you can see the balance of funds and the latest transfers.
  4. Status Bar - shows the synchronization process and allows you to set the units of measure for the account balance.

In fact, this is all you need to learn about purse for crypto currency Bitcoin Core. Developers made the program as simple and accessible to the user, thereby demonstrating its ease in perception, even for the beginner.

The main functions of Bitcoin Core

Now, directly, how to use the Bitcoin Core purseand execute transactions.

Operation to receive funds

To receive funds from another person, you need to go to the tab in the Bitcoin Core program "Get" (see Figure 4. Window for receiving funds in the wallet), and then fill in the main fields:

  • label;
  • the sum and unit of its measurement;
  • message.

Figure 4. Window for receiving funds in the Bitcoin Core purse

Then click on the button «Request payment» (see Figure 5. The window for requesting funds for the wallet). By copying the address of your wallet, you send it to the person who will do the translation for you. For convenience, you can send a QR code that already contains all the necessary information.

Figure 5. Window for requesting funds for the Bitcoin Core purse

When the payment is made, it will appear at the bottom of the Bitcoin Core wallet window.

Operation for sending funds

If you want to send someone funds through Bitcoin Core wallet, then you go to the tab "Send" (see Figure 6.). In the information field that appears, you specify the following data:

  • the recipient (that is, the address of his wallet);
  • label;
  • number and units of measure.

Figure 6. The window for sending funds from the Bitcoin Core purse

Separately it is necessary to say about the commission. The faster you want to make a transaction, the more you will have to pay for this service. The minimum fee is 0.00001 bitico. If you do not want to pay a commission, it is unlikely that your transaction will be conducted at all. The user is offered a choice of such commission types:

  • recommended, which is 0.001 bitcoins;
  • for the amount of data, that is, you can specify a fee for each kilobyte in the block;
  • minimum - that is, select the option listed above.

It is better not to be greedy, deciding to pay a minimum fee, because then there is no guarantee that the transaction will be implemented. Such a step-by-step instruction will allow you to quickly and easily fulfill your first transfers through Bitcoin Core. And in the future you will already get your hand and be able to prepare the transaction in a matter of minutes.

Wallet security settings

A separate aspect of using a wallet is security. This is a prerequisite to ensure the safety of your bitcoins and minimize the risk of hacking Bitcoin Core. The security settings include:

  • encryption;
  • create a backup copy of the wallet.

Encryption is necessary for that, no one could access through the PC to your media in the Bitcoin Core wallet. In the menu section "Edit" you need to select the option "Encrypt wallet", as shown in the figure below.

Figure 7. Bitcoin Core wallet encryption window

The program (Bitcoin Core) will ask you for a password (see Figure 7. Bitcoin Core Digital Wallet Confirmation Window), which you come up with and enter again in the box below. Further, a message is given that need to create a backup copy of the Bitcoin Core wallet (see Figure 8. Bitcoin Core Digital Wallet Confirmation Window), so as not to lose your bitcoins after the program is restarted.

Figure 8. Bitcoin Core Digital Wallet Confirmation Window

The backup is created through the menu section "File" and selecting the appropriate option (see Figure 9. The path window for creating a backup Bitcoin Core). The user must specify the location where the copy will be stored. You can even move the information to the USB flash drive.

Figure 9. Bitcoin Core backup window

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