How to safely buy bitcoin for a beginner

If you decided to buy your first bitcoins, then first you need to create a bitcoin-purse for storing crypto currency. And then take advantage of one of the ways that we will now tell.

Download the official Bitcoin wallet (Bitcoin Core) + manual


A convenient and simple way that allows you to quickly exchange electronic money for treasured bitcoins. You can find an exchanger through the site aggregator, where you can find almost all the sites with current exchange conditions and user reviews. If the site of the exchanger was not available, it is possible that it is blocked by the supervisory authorities and it is necessary to call for help from the VPN.

To buy in the exchanger, you enter the desired amount of crypto, specify the address of your bitcoin-purse and choose the payment method. This can be a bank card or electronic money, such as kiwi, yandex or webmoney.


Crypto-exchange exchanges are the best guarantors of deals when buying bitcoins, but such reliability has its price. To begin with, you will have to work with registration and with transfer to the stock exchange of fiat money. You will be required to undergo a procedure of partial or complete verification, that is, to confirm your identity. And after that they will take a commission for crediting money to the account and a percentage of the purchase of bitcoins.

But it is on crypto-exchanges that it is possible to catch the most profitable rate and buy bitcoins as cheaply as possible. By the way, if your plans do not include active crypto-currency trading, then after buying bitcoins it's better to bring them to your wallet, so it will be more reliable.


Bitcoinmats or terminals for buying bitcoins can not be found at every corner, but they start to appear. The hardest part is to find a bitcoin-ATM, and then you need to give him a scan of your wallet's purse from the smartphone's screen, select the correct number of bitcoins for purchase and feed the terminal with cash.

Note that such machines do not have the habit of giving change, and their rate and commission are too high. But it is much easier than buying on the exchange or in the exchanger.

P2P transaction

Bitcoin can be bought with hands and for this it is absolutely not necessary to meet with the seller personally. You can find ads for selling bitcoin by individuals at various venues and forums. A widely recognized global leader among them is the resource

It is not recommended to choose ads with low prices and commissions, because this is a clear sign of trying to sell a cat in a poke. But not everything is so simple, scammers - the guys are cunning and may well impersonate a seller with an excellent reputation and adequate terms of the transaction, so you need to check everything repeatedly.


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that sound safe ways of buying bitcoin are such, provided that the buyer takes due care.

Therefore, always check the authenticity of the site of the exchange or exchanger in order not to conduct a transaction through a phishing hacker site.

Be sure to compare the purchase rate and consider all possible commissions, because they can surprise you unpleasantly. Choose sites with divine extra charges.

When carrying out any transaction, especially buying bitcoins from your hands, check the seller as carefully as possible and if you have any suspicions, just leave.

Keep in mind that it is better to buy bitcoins a little more expensive, but it's safer than pozaritsya on very favorable terms and stay with nothing.

Important nuances

First, you do not need to buy a whole bitcoin for several thousand dollars. Each coin is divided into 100 million parts, so you can buy a bit of bitcoin, for example, by 50 or 100 dollars.

Secondly, the ways to buy bitcoin from this material are also suitable for other crypto-currencies, such as the etherium, lightcoin, monero and so on.

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